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The Decline

of Coral Reefs

Information Visualisation Case Study

Project Overview

Data visualisation is a powerful tool used to create compelling and engaging stories. The mechanism behind data visualisation allows for data to be brought to life in a way that makes it easier for users to understand and interact with. It create meaningful user experiences and enhances user engagement.

By leveraging this tool, I wanted to create a website that aims to raise awareness on the decline of coral reefs and the impact it poses on biodiversity. 



Sole Designer





Feb 2023 - June 2023 



How might I design and develop an interactive information visualisation website that aims to highlight the severity of coral reef decline and the impact it poses on biodiversity?


  • Encourage a sense of action within target users in response to factors leading to coral reef decline 

  • Create a compelling and concise narrative that is digestible for target audience

  • Develop easy-to-read data visualisations that are interactive and relevant to topic on coral reefs

Concept Presentation


A short presentation of my concept development for the data visualisation piece I aimed to design and develop

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